Coalition Statement on Final Teacher Preparation Program Regulations

Posted on October 21 2016

Attached is a letter from 28 stakeholder organizations reflecting concerns and intention for continued advocacy regarding the teacher preparation regulations.

View the letter here.

This is a remarkably broad coalition, as you will see, including the National Governors Association, the National Council of State Legislators, both teacher unions and more.  This reflects the broad and deep concern about both the efficacy of these regulations and the capacity to proceed with implementation.

You are encouraged to tweet about it and share it broadly with your networks and in your states.

For those of you whose Deans are members of AACTE, you have access to their offerings, which include a webinar on the regulations offered on Monday Oct. 25 or Tuesday Oct. 26.  Click here to sign up to learn more about what is in these complex regulations.

Submitted by: Dr. Jane West, TED's Legislative Liaison